Should we brush our teeth before breakfast?

According to some people, the right thing is to brush our teeth before breakfast. It comes down to being about oral hygiene stuff after all, although many people do the opposite for some reasons. Others prefer to brush their teeth right before and after the first meal of the day because they don’t feel comfortable with the aftertaste. Whatever choice you make, it will have a different impact on your oral health.

Let’s break down why toothbrush should be done before breakfast.

Functions of bacteria and what to do

Bacteria tend to transform sugars into acids more rapidly. The bacteria grow in the mouth for hours overnight gearing up for sugars. It is better to do away with the clusters of bacteria before the first meal so that they don’t have enough time to absorb the bacteria that cause dental problems like cavities. The damage caused by bacteria depends on the bacteria dwelling in the mouth of each individual. Some individuals count on very good oral bacteria.

Remineralization and demineralization

Another reason is that levels of salivary calcium are not so high in the morning, so not brushing your teeth in the morning can put your oral hygiene at risk a lot more. The acids and bacteria can damage your teeth much faster if you don’t clear them up before breakfast. Consider the fact that demineralization occurs at a faster pace than remineralization, therefore it is necessary to take the right steps to slow up demineralization throughout the day.

Possible tooth sensitivity

Finally, not having good hygiene before breakfast can lead you to have problems with the enamel of your teeth, especially if you are into acidic foods or sodas which contain a lot of ingredients that damage teeth. Brushing after breakfast prevents your teeth from softening generated by the large amount of acids in your mouth. On the other side, not doing so can lead you to toothbrush abrasion which brings on tooth sensitivity.